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Maximize campaign performance at scale with Newton Apple Search Ads Automation Rules

Newton Apple Search Ads automation rule feature helps iOS app marketers to save time on optimizing App Store campaigns, without compromising efficiency!

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, one of the most significant challenges advertisers face is managing and optimizing campaigns efficiently. With the multitude of metrics to track in an ever-changing landscape, it's easy to get overwhelmed and struggle to optimize campaign performance at scale. That's where our latest feature, Newton Apple Search Ads automation rules, comes into play, transforming how campaigns are managed, optimized, and scaled.

Introducing Automation Rules

Newton's Automation Rules is designed to empower advertisers to set specific rules that automatically trigger actions based on defined conditions. This feature is a game changer in campaign management, offering a seamless blend of control and automation. It enables advertisers to create rules at the campaign/ad group/keyword level for various campaign metrics,  coming in from ASA and MMP, such as impressions, costs, and conversion rates. These rules can be triggered at a set frequency, varying from daily to monthly. 

newton_apple_search_ads_automation_rules_feature_step_1The core benefit of Newton Apple Search Ads Automation Rules is to track multiple ASA and MMP metrics in real-time and take complex decision-making processes automatically. This allows Advertisers to save time significantly by automating routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of their campaigns. It also ensures that the right actions are taken at the right time, based on the specific criteria set by the advertiser, reducing the risk of human error or bias. With automated rules, managing large-scale campaigns becomes more feasible, as the platform can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without additional resources.

Key Use Cases: Maximizing Returns on Ad Spend

Here are some practical scenarios where Newton Apple Search Ads automation rules can significantly impact advertising efforts:

Budget Optimization: Set rules to increase or decrease daily budgets based on performance metrics. For instance, if the conversion rate for a campaign exceeds a certain threshold, the system can automatically increase the budget to capitalize during the peak demand period.

newton_apple_search_ads_automation_rules_feature_step_2Bid Management: Automate bid adjustments based on real-time data. For example, if the CPT, CPI, CPM, CPD, or Cost per Goal rises above a predefined limit, the system can lower bids to maintain the overall spends.

newton_apple_search_ads_automation_rule_feature_step_2_1Performance Monitoring: Create rules to pause campaigns, ad groups, or keywords if key performance indicators (KPIs) fall below set standards, preventing wastage of ad spend on underperforming campaigns. Based on the real-time performance of selected metrics at the campaign/ad group/keyword level, the system can - 

  • Pause the campaign 
  • Edit bid for low/high performing campaigns
  • Edit daily budget

newton_apple_search_ads_automation_rules_feature_step_2_2Competitive Advantage: Utilize Newton Apple Search Ads automation rules to respond quickly to market changes, keeping Apple Search Ads campaigns ahead of the curve and maximizing opportunities for high returns.


Pro tip: To ensure that pre-defined rules don't exhaust advertisers' budgets over a limit, we have introduced a cap that allows advertisers to define a threshold for each rule. The automated rules will refrain from exceeding or falling below the set limit. For instance, if the system is instructed to reduce the bid with a cap set at $2, it will continue decreasing the bid until it reaches $2, refraining from surpassing the limit. In cases, where the current bid exceeds or falls below the cap value, the system will abstain from executing any further actions.  

Why automation is necessary for iOS app marketing?

Performance marketers often face the daunting challenge of managing multiple campaigns and platforms. Apple Search Ads is a difficult platform to deal with for the optimization part because of the inadequate data to judge a user’s LTV. Newton's Apple Search Ads automation rules streamline this complex campaign journey, making it less cumbersome to manage.

As with any advertising platform, Apple Search Ads relies heavily on keyword bidding to determine app visibility. However, determining the ideal bid for each keyword is a time-consuming and energy-intensive task that requires constant monitoring. This is where automation comes in, empowering marketers to increase app visibility while effectively controlling the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC).

Studies have shown that marketers spend 80% of their time analyzing and interpreting data for their optimization. In platforms like Apple Search Ads, where data can be scarce and not readily available in a user-friendly format without proper MMP integrations, automation becomes invaluable. It efficiently dissects the clutter and delivers actionable insights without the need for extensive time spent on redundant activities. 

Apple Search Ads as a platform offers multiple optimization options. You can target competitor keywords, adjust bids, utilize negative keywords, play around with match types, and explore multiple other options as well. Automation enables you to concentrate on the strategizing part of the campaign rather than the execution of the optimization itself. Once you figure out your feasible optimization strategies you can simply create rules and configure your optimizations. 

Benefits to iOS app marketers

Newton's Apple Search Ads automation rules provide marketers with the tools they need to automate keyword bidding and optimize campaign performance. By automating bid adjustments based on predefined rules and performance metrics, marketers can ensure their ads appear prominently for relevant keywords without overspending. This not only simplifies campaign management but also maximizes ROI by efficiently allocating budget resources.

With Newton's automation rules, performance marketers can focus their time and resources on strategic initiatives rather than manual campaign adjustments. By leveraging automation to streamline campaign optimization, marketers can achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their Apple Search Ads campaigns, ultimately driving higher app visibility and ROI. Experience the power of Newton's Apple Search Ads automation rules and elevate your campaign performance to new heights.

Common mistakes to avoid

Marketing automation offers numerous advantages, but to fully leverage its benefits, it's crucial to avoid certain mistakes. Here are key errors to steer clear of in Newton's Apple Search Ads automation rules:

Lack of Clear Goals: Before implementing automation, define clear objectives to minimize ambiguity and ensure desired outcomes.

Avoid Overcomplication: Don't overwhelm automation rules with excessive workflows; simplicity enhances effectiveness and reduces confusion.

Neglecting Human Oversight: While AI aids automation, it's essential to monitor and analyze results regularly. Human intervention ensures adjustments align with evolving trends, preventing missed opportunities.

Set-and-Forget Mentality: Resist the temptation to adopt a static approach. Continuously adapt and refine automation strategies to stay abreast of Apple Search Ads' evolving landscape and capitalize on emerging trends.

By steering clear of these pitfalls and embracing a balanced approach of man and machine, marketers can maximize the benefits of Newton's Apple Search Ads automation rules, ensuring optimal campaign performance and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital advertising realm.

Newton Apple Search Ads automation rules are not just a feature; it's a strategic partner in your advertising journey. By leveraging this powerful tool, advertisers can achieve a more efficient, precise, and profitable campaign management process, ensuring that every ad dollar is spent wisely. 

Embrace the future of advertising with Newton and redefine your campaign success today! Also, consider using Custom Product Pages for more targeted Apple Search Ads campaigns. 

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