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app store optimization report by Newton

Learn more how you can improve your app rankings with app store optimization

  • Keyword optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Brand and User Experience

  • Custom Product Pages

Keyword analysis and insights

  • Analysis of current keyword rankings & identification of keyword opportunities
  • Keyword research and competition identification based on category and target market
  • Updating metadata to optimize for relevant keywords                 

Leverage expert recommendations to improve conversion rates

  • Creative research & competitor analysis
  • A/B testing strategy, execution, and reporting with iterations & improvements based on results
  • Creative Optimization to improve Page view to Install conversion

Scale acquisitions with improved UX

  • Monitoring, Reporting reviews & ratings, Implementing the right strategy to improve review & ratings
  • ANR’s crashes & rendering Reporting and suggesting improvements
  • In-App Events strategy, Promotional Content / LiveOps Strategy

Improved global reach and visibility

  • Custom Store Listing Strategy on Playstore
  • Custom Product Page Optimization and strategy on App Store linked with ASA Campaign

Accelerate mobile user acquisition organically with better ASO

Power consistent, sustainable ROAS