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Optimize your Apple Search Ads campaign performance for bottom-funnel metrics with Newton's full-funnel dashboard view

Accelerate the full-potential of your Apple Search Ads campaign performance with Newton's full-funnel campaign tracking & optimization. How to get started? Read on!

In today's digital age, businesses need more than just surface-level metrics to gauge the success of their campaigns. For too long, marketers have relied on basic data, such as the number of impressions, clicks, and installs a paid campaign generates. Even when running campaigns, particularly through Apple Search Ads, it only gauges the success of the campaign by relying on the number of installs as their primary metric. With Newton Apple Search Ads campaign performance tracking, we have been able to resolve this problem. Read along to know more!

While installs might indicate initial interest, they don't provide insights into the user's subsequent actions within the app. Does the user engage with the app? Do they make a purchase or apply for a loan? Unfortunately, without diving deeper into the funnel, brands are unable to truly understand the impact of the iOS user acquisition campaigns on their bottom-funnel metric.

The way forward: Integrating your MMP with Apple Search Ads

With access to data points from your MMP partner, it allows you to understand the post-install journey of the user. Unifying the MMP data points with your Apple Search Ads campaign data points, enables you to view the full funnel journey of a user who has downloaded your app through the Apple Search Ads campaign. 

Using the platform, you can integrate your MMP and select specific in-app events that are crucial for your app. 


By configuring specific in-app events as either Goal or Revenue, you can now track the conversions for a specific goal or realize the in-app revenue being generated.


In-app events


Account opened, First-time purchase, Repeat purchase


Registrations completed, Applications submitted, Lead generated, Loan disbursed, Loan closure


The app opened, In-app purchases

Track full-funnel campaign performance in one view

You can analyze the impact of different campaigns in a single view across different metrics from impressions to in-app events, enabling you to understand the business impact at a campaign level. You can take campaign-level actions to maximize outcomes and maintain the overall spending: 

  • Start or pause the campaign 
  • Modify daily budget 


By clicking on specific campaigns, you can analyze campaign performance at the ad group level. We suggest brands create different ad groups as per match types of keywords being targeted such as broad match, and exact match. Based on your target goal conversion rate at the Ad group level, you can : 

  • Activate or pause the Ad group 
  • Modify the max bid value 
  • Refine the target audience

apple-search-ads-campaign-performance-keyword-matchesOnce you dive deeper into campaign performance at the keyword level, you can identify the high-performing keywords that are contributing to high impression share and high goal conversion rate and modify their bids to maximize the outcome. At the same time, you can identify a set of keywords that are performing below average and draining your advertising budget. In the Newton Apple Search Ads campaign performance platform you can either pause the campaign, modify the bid, or add keywords as negative to reduce wasted ad spending. 


You can also track the share of voice across the targeted keyword list to identify keywords generating high impression share for your competitors with the Newton Apple Search Ads campaign performance platform. You can then manage your daily budget and bids to improve performance for highly relevant and high-quality keywords: 

  • Defend your brand keywords
  • Capture traffic from competition 
  • Tap into real-time search trends and seasonalities 


Integrating MMP with ASA allows you to measure campaign performance beyond basic metrics to detailed user engagement insights, enhancing campaign effectiveness. Allowing you to precisely track and optimize every aspect of the marketing strategy, from overall campaign performance to specific keyword efficiency with Apple Search Ads. Consider personalizing your campaigns with Custom Product Pages for better efficiency of the campaigns. 

Why do you need transparent privacy-focused marketing? 

Unlock the power of transparent privacy-focused marketing with Newton's Apple Search Ads campaign performance strategies. In the era of heavy focus on privacy, and increasing awareness of data privacy and the impact of data regulations globally app marketers are swiftly adopting privacy-first iOS growth tactics. The integration of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and SKAN in iOS app growth strategies was a key focus, emphasizing the importance of adapting to new mobile marketing trends. 

Newton's role as a platform consistently providing value with full-funnel campaign integration emerged as vital for a comprehensive measurement and attribution of mobile advertising campaigns. As the industry anticipates Google's Privacy Sandbox for Android, Newton and Apple Search Ads prove to be preferred choices for marketers, particularly in emerging markets like the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. 

What are the benefits of activating a full-funnel strategy?

Success in advertising hinges on meticulous performance tracking. Newton's Apple Search Ads campaign performance platform empowers marketers to assess campaign effectiveness with precision. Providing keyword-level data on metrics like CPA, CPT, and conversions facilitates informed decision-making throughout the entire funnel.

This holistic data reveals the campaign's performance, enabling seamless optimization through bid adjustments. Marketers can enhance bids for high-performing keywords and scale back on those yielding suboptimal post-install results.

Newton's platform is essential in scenarios where specific keywords excel in installs but lag in generating post-install event conversions. Marketers can strategically map keywords, implementing adjustments for overall campaign efficiency.

In the dynamic advertising landscape, Newton's platform acts as a guiding beacon, helping marketers adapt and refine strategies for optimal results at every stage of the user journey. 

Apple Search Ads full-funnel case studies

Higher lead generation in FinTech

One of India's top fintech apps, optimized full-funnel performance and growth with Newton's Apple Search Ads campaign performance dashboard. They successfully reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC) during peak festive seasons while maintaining a remarkable 55.5% month-over-month (MOM) growth in leads. Newton's Apple Search Ads campaign performance dashboard provided comprehensive insights, enabling them to track post-install activities and make informed optimization decisions, such as adjusting bids for specific keywords and identifying high-converting keywords.

Maximizing bottom-funnel event conversions in FinTech

OneCard, a leading mobile-first co-branded credit card provider, embarked on a journey to boost new card activations, focusing on enhancing Tap-Through-Rate (TTR), Click-to-Install Rate, and optimizing Cost-Per-Install. Their challenge lay in tracking the influence of Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns on mid-to-bottom funnel metrics like card activation, due to limited post-install visibility. Leveraging Newton's full-funnel Apple Search Ads strategy, OneCard achieved remarkable success attaining around 204% card activation, a 268% increase in TTR, and a 36% increase in conversion rate. By integrating ASA with their Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), they gained a unified dashboard view for seamless campaign optimization down to the keyword level based on in-app events. Drawing from Newton's industry expertise, they devised a custom strategy, leveraging insights from running similar FinTech campaigns across diverse geographies. With a tailored approach focused on full-funnel optimization, OneCard soared to new heights of success in its user acquisition endeavors.

Amplifying ROAS in Shopping

Similarly, a leading e-commerce app in the Philippines, achieved an impressive 119X ROAS within the first month using Newton's full-funnel Apple Search Ads strategy. With a focus on acquiring new users while controlling the cost per install (CPI), the shopping app leveraged Newton's GenAI feature to identify keywords in both English and regional languages. By utilizing the full-funnel dashboard, they optimized campaign performance for keywords driving higher purchase rates and ultimately achieving exceptional results.

Integrating MMP with ASA allows you to measure campaign performance beyond basic metrics to detailed user engagement insights, enhancing campaign effectiveness. Allowing you to precisely track and optimize every aspect of the marketing strategy, from overall campaign performance to specific keyword efficiency with Apple Search Ads. 

Join us on this journey, and let's redefine success in the world of Apple Search Ads using Newton. 

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