Scale Apple Search Ads performance with full-funnel campaign intelligence

Drive user acquisition for iOS apps with Newton's data-driven campaign performance analytics, competition intelligence, AI-powered keyword recommendation, and automated bid optimization

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Newton's multi-lingual keyword-based strategies, intelligent competition insights, and precise keyword recommendations, coupled with a comprehensive view of metrics, empowered us to attain our critical conversion objectives for the campaign while keeping it cost efficient.

Newton has helped us to acquire high-quality users by optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns, driving higher leads post app downloads. The keyword recommendation tool and smart optimizations has helped us grow our customer base, maintaining overall efficient CPA

In the highly competitive credit card market, Newton has been a game-changing growth partner to OneCard. With their strategic approach, we've not only managed to stay ahead but thrive; achieving impressive bottom of funnel conversions, while maintaining remarkably low CAC

Engage premium iOS users at the right touchpoints of their journey

Leverage multi-placement ad inventory to capture high-intent user attention right when they are about to download an app

Boost your brand's trust with top search rankings through tailored keyword, bid, and organic content optimization


Performance-focused Apple Search Ads management platform, built to drive business growth


Improve funnel transparency

Right from taps to purchases - improve bottom funnel visibility with full funnel conversion insights


Reduce wasted spends

Higher returns with focus on high-performing keywords with AI/ML powered keyword recommendations

Market leader

Dominate your category

Strengthen brand's visibility and Share of Voice at critical touchpoints with competition intelligence


Optimize operational bandwidth

Save time on manual campaign management and operations with automated bid optimization

apple search ads mmp conversion tracking


Track real-time conversion trends down-the-funnel

Through seamless integration with your MMP partner, identify positive conversion trends at critical stages like taps, installs, signups, and purchases

Take informed decisions to optimize campaign setup variables, scale conversion rates and optimize customer acquisition costs

Boost iOS app store visibility with AI-powered multi-lingual keyword insights

Leverage generative AI powered keyword recommendation to build exhaustive list of high quality, high potential keywords & search terms

Utilize localized keywords recommendations tailored to your target geographies to scale app growth in non-English speaking markets

apple search ads ai keyword recommendation
Apple Search Ads Campaign Analytics

Drive Apple Search Ads campaigns at scale with data-driven intelligence

Utilize bid optimization insights, workflow automation to streamline Apple Search Ads campaigns

Leverage in-depth category and industry expertise and recommendations of our ASA specialists to deliver high-performing campaigns for premium user acquisition

Discover app growth strategies. Learn from our customers


Scale high-quality, premium iOS user base across the Gulf countries for the Max Fashion app, targeting younger age groups with an inclination to fast fashion


AI-led multi-lingual keyword recommendations-based Apple Search Ads user acquisition campaign; optimization at scale with full-funnel conversion analytics


Max Fashion secured 2.5X ROAS within 2 months. Arabic keywords recorded an average of 11% conversion ratio


Create a high-quality user base who would consistently convert down the funnel and retain better. Optimize campaigns for cost per install and maximize for share of voice


AI-led keyword recommendations and automated bid optimization workflow to improve conversion rates on targeted keywords


Jago increased their digital banking app installations by 3X. The brand maintained a consistent average of 29% conversion ratio


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Accelerate premium mobile user acquisition with Apple Search Ads

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