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apple search ads audit report

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Data driven keyword analysis and insights

Protect your brand by identifying your brand keywords that your competitors are bidding and ranking high

Optimize bids on high volume keywords where your Share of Voice is low/declining

Reduce spend waste by taking relevant action on duplicate and low performing keywords                     

Leverage ASA expert recommendations

Implement recommended structured campaign strategy in place to manage campaigns/Ad groups performance efficiently

Deliver 360* engagement strategy by using the right placements for the right campaign objectives

Improve campaign performance beyond industry benchmarks by implementing recommended keyword strategy

Optimize at scale using Newton

Track full-funnel performance & Share-of-Voice at granular level and optimise bid for your campaigns from one dashboard

Take action proactively to any spikes, gaps, or budget limits using predefined alerts

Saves you from any major hiccups by identifying unusual patterns or deviations from expected bid changes on Keyword & ad group level.

Accelerate premium mobile user acquisition with Apple Search Ads

Power consistent, sustainable ROAS