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Harnessing the potential of Apple Search Ads with Newton

Newton Apple Search Ads platform is setting a new trend in privacy-focused mobile advertising. Read more to find out why Newton is the premium UA channel to look for!

Over the past few years, the APAC region has rapidly embraced the Apple ecosystem, making it a hotspot for potential growth for app-based brands. One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing preference for Apple devices. In recent years, Apple has made significant inroads into the APAC market, and the iPhone is now the most popular smartphone brand in several countries, including India, China, and Southeast Asia. This has also made the regions a hotspot for user acquisition campaigns on the Newton Apple Search Ads platform. Read along to find out why!

This rise in iPhone adoption isn't just a mere statistic; it signifies a shift in consumer preferences for privacy-first experience and purchasing power. With a larger audience turning to Apple's App Store for their daily app needs, there's a budding potential for app-based brands to stand out and make an impact.

Apple’s changes in App Tracking Transparency require app brands to proactively take consent from users before tracking their activities across apps/websites, empowering users with control over their information and transparency on data usage. Navigating within the walled garden ecosystem of Apple requires app-based brands to shift their acquisition focus from behavioral targeting/retargeting to more contextual engagements. 

Apple Search Ads (ASA) proves to be a powerful advertising platform that allows brands to use keyword-led search intent targeting to reach iPhone users who are actively looking for apps in the App Store. ASA ads appear at the top of the search results in the App Store, and they are highly effective at driving downloads. In fact, studies have shown that ASA ads can generate up to 10 times more installs than organic search results.

Limitations with current ways of running Apple Search Ads 

Brands have been actively investing in Apple Search Ads to reach and engage with potential iOS users during their app discovery phase. However, running and managing Apple Search Ads either internally or via an agency brings in a certain set of challenges: 

  • Lack of market and category level insights in identifying the right keywords that your target audience is actively searching for you
  • It’s a tedious task of collating data from different sources to realize the impact of the campaigns on bottom-funnel metric, making it difficult to continuously optimize your campaigns for higher ROAS
  • The manual process of discovering keywords and handling multiple campaigns populated with a vast array of keywords presents a significant time-management challenge

Introducing performance-focused Newton Apple Search Ads platform

Newton is a performance-focused Apple Search Ads management platform, powered by data intelligence and in-depth expertise to deliver business growth. Newton Apple Search Ads platform is crafted for targeting and optimizing your Apple Search Ads campaign for bottom-of-funnel campaign goals - app installs, user activation, product purchases, and more. 

Reach and engage the audience through the entire app discovery journey

Leverage the right touchpoint by tapping into Apple Search Ads’ multiple ad inventory to capture high-intent user attention right when they are about to download an app

  • Today’s tab: Allows you to reach a wider audience, enhance app visibility, and boost brand awareness. By using contextual targeting to drive users directly to custom product pages, brands can create a more engaging and personalized experience for potential customers.
  • Search tab: Allows your app to appear to potential users even before they start searching in the App Store. It's like putting your app right in front of them when they open the store.
  • Search results tab: Enhance their app's visibility and attract more users by strategically targeting keywords across their brand, competition, and high-intent search terms. brands can ensure their app appears in relevant search results. 
  • Custom Product Pages: Custom product pages on the Apple App Store offer a powerful way for brands to connect with their target audience. They can create up to 35 unique pages, each designed for different groups of users.

Acquire a high-potential user base with a targeted keyword strategy

You can leverage Newton’s Keyword Recommendation Tool which is a part of Newton's Apple Search Ads platform to get a list of high-potential, high-volume keywords and search intent terms for your app. This enables you to launch Apple Search ads campaigns in a few clicks by adding the recommended keywords to specific campaigns depending on the objective of the campaign. 


Understand what's working and what's not with data-driven insights

You can now set custom target goals for your campaigns on the Newton Apple Search Ads platform, by integrating your MMP with the platform dashboard. Have a full-funnel view of how your campaigns are performing by tracking bottom-funnel metrics - be it purchase, number of deposits, or account activation rate. 

newton_apple_search_ads_platform_MMP_IntegrationWhile analyzing the overall campaign performance is crucial, it is also important to identify if the given keyword strategy is generating the maximum share of voice in your category and how you fare among the competitors. Providing you with actionable insights based on share of voice tracking to keep you ahead in the market. 

Optimize campaigns at scale to drive higher conversion rates on Apple Search Ads with the Newton Apple Search Ads platform

With keyword-level granular reporting, you can now identify high-performing keywords from the dashboard and implement the recommended bid to maintain the overall spends while improving the conversion rate. A detailed overview of campaign performance at keyword/Ad group/ Campaign level allows you to take faster action on bids in real-time, thereby improving campaign management efficiency and driving more results. 


For brands looking to thrive in this digital age, mastering the ASA landscape with tools like Newton's Apple Search Ads platform will be indispensable. As we advance, those who adapt, embrace, and harness the power of these tools will undoubtedly lead the race in app-based marketing.

The rise of privacy-first app marketing 

Privacy has become one of the primary focuses for most search engines. App marketing is also one where privacy-focused strategies are emerging as the latest trend. With multiple releases Like Apple's Privacy Manifesto, SKAN 5.0, and Google's Privacy Sandbox for Android, app marketers are compelled to pivot towards privacy-first approaches to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and meet consumer expectations. This has created challenges in doing precise targeting while reducing CAC. 

The shift towards privacy-focused app marketing is driven by several factors:

Rising Consumer Awareness: In recent years, with increasing data threats and cyber crimes consumers have become increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of their data. This growing awareness has led to the implementation of regulations like GDPR and CCPA, emphasizing the importance of data protection.

Platform Changes: Apple's introduction of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and Google's forthcoming Privacy Sandbox for Android are indicative of a broader industry trend toward prioritizing user privacy. These changes necessitate a shift in marketing strategies towards more privacy-conscious approaches.

User Preferences: With the majority of smartphone users now opting for devices and platforms that prioritize privacy, app marketers must adapt their strategies to align with these preferences. This includes implementing measures to protect user data and respecting their privacy choices.

Advancements in Technology: The advent of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence has enabled marketers to optimize their campaigns while still respecting user privacy. These tools can help identify and target relevant audiences without compromising data privacy.

In this context, Newton's Apple Search Ads platform offers a privacy-focused solution for app marketers. By leveraging Apple's privacy-centric ecosystem, marketers can reach high-intent audiences on iOS devices while respecting user privacy preferences. Newton's platform integrates advanced AI-powered tools for keyword recommendations and campaign optimization, ensuring effective user acquisition within the bounds of privacy regulations.

As the industry continues to evolve, privacy-focused app marketing will remain a key strategy for app marketers looking to navigate the changing landscape while maintaining consumer trust and compliance. With Newton's innovative solutions and expertise in Apple Search Ads, marketers can capitalize on this trend to achieve their growth objectives while prioritizing user privacy.

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