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iOS Seasonal App Marketing: 7 Best Practices for this Sporting Season

Boost your iOS app visibility and engagement during sports events on seasonal trends and ASO.

For iOS app marketers looking to capture the attention of their users, understanding and leveraging seasonality is significant in boosting the app’s visibility and user engagement. With major sporting events like the Summer Olympics, Euro Cup, Wimbledon, and the Tour de France grabbing the spotlight worldwide, it is the right time to start approaching your iOS app marketing strategy and build the right connection with your users

The Importance of iOS App Growth for Sports Season 

Seasonality refers to the fluctuations in app store traffic and user behavior based on specific times of the year, events, or holidays. For sports-related apps, this could mean increased downloads and engagement during major sporting events like the Olympics, Euro Cup, Wimbledon, the Tour de France, the T20 cricket world cup, etc.  Recognizing and capitalizing on these periods can lead to a substantial increase in app visibility and user acquisition. 

The spike is spread across multiple categories of apps during different phases of the games. For instance, entertainment apps spike during the onset of the gaming season as viewers are more inclined to watch shows on their streaming platforms. Additionally, finance apps see increased activity due to spending on food and drinks, and travel & booking apps benefit from sports enthusiasts traveling to watch the games live. Trends from past events, such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup, indicate a significant pattern where major sporting events have triggered app downloads in the games category to surpass 200 million.


Here are seven best practices to help you master iOS seasonal app marketing during this sporting season.

1. Leverage Seasonal iOS App Trends

iOS App Growth for Sports Season thrives on timely updates that align with major sporting events. Updating your app’s features, graphics, and content to reflect current sports events can enhance user engagement and visibility. For example, a sports news app could feature live updates and schedules for upcoming matches, while a fitness app could introduce challenges inspired by the Olympics.

Key Actions:

  • Integrate sports event themes in app visuals and content.
  • Promote seasonal features through in-app notifications.
  • Update app store descriptions to highlight new features

2. Effective Use of Keywords 

Keywords play a crucial role in your app’s visibility and discoverability. For effective iOS App Growth for Sports Season, strategically place relevant keywords in your app title, subtitle, and description. Seasonal keywords related to events like Cricket World Cup, Olympics, and UEFA should be emphasized.

Keyword Impact:

  • Increases app visibility in search results.
  • Attracts targeted users looking for specific event-related content.
  • Boosts organic downloads and user engagement.


3. Optimize Your Apple Search Ads Campaigns

Running targeted Apple Search Ads campaigns can drive traffic to your app during peak sports seasons. Utilize Apple Search Ads Optimization techniques to ensure your ads appear for relevant searches.

Key Actions:

  • Use event-specific keywords like “Olympics 2024” or “UEFA Live Scores.”
  • Start campaigns early to capitalize on pre-event hype.
  • Monitor and adjust bids to stay competitive, and leverage Newton’s automated bid optimization for ease.

4. Create Custom Product Pages (CPPs) for sporting events

Custom Product Page Optimization allows you to tailor your app store pages to specific keywords and user intents, enhancing relevance and conversion rates.

Implementation Tips:

  • Develop CPPs that focus on different aspects of sporting events that your different cohorts of audience can relate to, such as schedules, live updates, or highlights.
  • Use engaging visuals that capture the excitement of the events for your audience differently. 
  • Highlight unique features that set your app apart from competitors for the audience that searches your competitor keywords. 

5. Utilize In-App Events

Promote in-app events to engage users. Highlighting special features or promotions during the sports season can attract more users and increase engagement. Sporting events present an excellent opportunity to leverage in-app events and promotional content. Apps and games can highlight special events like competitions, challenges, new content, and major updates through special event cards on app stores.


  • Host in-app challenges or contests related to sporting events.
  • Offer exclusive content or discounts during the event periods.
  • Use in-app notifications to inform users about upcoming events and features.


6. Enhance Your App Store Optimization (ASO) Efforts 

Optimizing your app’s presence on the App Store is crucial for visibility. Focus on app store optimization trends to stay ahead of the competition. Identify relevant keywords and strategies. During the 2020 UEFA European Championship, a popular sports news app saw a 50% increase in downloads and a 40% increase in user engagement by updating its content and visuals to feature live scores and match highlights. 


  • Incorporate high-ranking sports-related keywords into your app’s metadata.
  • Regularly update your app’s screenshots and videos to reflect seasonal events.
  • Encourage users to leave positive reviews and ratings during the sports season.

7. Monitor and Adapt to Trends

Staying updated with the latest trends in app store optimization and sports events is essential for maintaining and enhancing your app's visibility and user engagement. Understanding keyword performance and user behavior helps refine your strategies to align with current trends and user expectations around the sporting season.

Monitoring Tools:

  • Use the Apple Search Ads Tools like Newton to track ad performance and adjust strategies.
  • Leverage market intelligence platforms to understand competitor actions and market trends.
  • Utilize A/B testing to find the most effective creative assets and messages.


By strategically planning and implementing these techniques, you can significantly enhance your iOS app’s growth during major sporting seasons. Focus on iOS App Growth for Sports Season by leveraging custom product pages, optimizing Apple Search Ads, and staying updated with ASO trends. Engage users with in-app events and timely updates, ensuring your app stands out during high-traffic periods like Cricket World Cup, Olympics, and UEFA.

Incorporate these strategies to maximize your app’s visibility and user engagement, driving downloads and retention during the peak sports seasons.

If you are also looking to scale your app growth with seasonal mobile marketing activities, our Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization experts would be happy to help you with a custom strategy. 

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