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Why app advertisers are investing in Apple Search Ads?

Investing in Apple Search Ads is rapidly becoming a crucial element of app marketing strategy. Learn why the trend is popularizing for user acquisition.

In the fiercely competitive world of app advertising, staying ahead of the curve by capturing the attention of premium customers is the ultimate goal. With its unique features, Apple Search Ads (ASA) can be a game-changer for app advertisers. Designed specifically for app advertising within the Apple ecosystem, ASA provides advertisers with a direct pathway to premium iOS users who are actively searching for new apps.

For app advertisers who want to target relevant iOS users, Apple Search Ads have already proven to show advantage at the discovery stage. 70% App Store visitors use search to find apps and Apple Search Ads show an average conversion rate of 50% (tap to install)

From tapping into the vast iOS user base to harnessing advanced targeting features, we will explore how ASA can supercharge app advertising efforts and connect advertisers with premium customers who are more likely to engage, convert, and become loyal advocates of their apps. So, let’s dive into the compelling reasons why investing in Apple Search Ads is a must for any app advertiser aiming for success in the dynamic and competitive world of iOS app marketing.

Tap into the Vast iOS User Base

ASA provides access to the vast user base of iOS devices, which is known for its high-quality and engaged users. Apple users are premium users, with a higher propensity to spend on apps – 1.8 times as much as Android Users. In 2022, iOS was responsible for 67% of consumer app spending. This impressive figure highlights the willingness of iOS users to invest in high-quality apps and showcases the potential revenue that can be generated by targeting this affluent audience.

With millions of users actively searching for apps on the App Store, ASA allows advertisers to connect with their target audience precisely when they are looking for relevant apps, maximizing the chances of conversions and installations.

Changes to Apple Ecosystem Post IDFA & Introduction of New Placement Options in App Store

The Apple ecosystem, like any other digital landscape, is continuously evolving. One notable change that has had a significant impact on app advertising within the Apple ecosystem is the deprecation of IDFA, implemented in 2021. It significantly altered the way advertisers could track and target users. Later, with the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency (ATT), app advertisers had to again rethink their approach to user acquisition and audience targeting. 

ASA empowers marketers to unlock the full potential of their user acquisition strategies by leveraging the App Store to target relevant users without any personal identifiers. App advertisers can maximize their impact by leveraging various placement within the Apple App Store. The key placement options that Apple provides are: the Today tab, Search page, Product page and Search Results page. These placement options serve as a curated destination for users to discover new apps and provide app advertisers prominent real estate to showcase their apps. Apple Search Ads primarily appear on the Search page where targeting relevant keywords and bidding on desired ad placements can ensure advertisers that their apps appear prominently in the search results. 

Leverage User Intent and Move Ahead of Competition with Apple Search Ads

ASA harnesses the power of user intent by displaying ads at the top of App Store search results. This prime ad placement ensures that advertisers’ apps are prominently featured in front of users who are actively seeking similar solutions. By targeting relevant keywords, advertisers can align their ads with user intent, leading to higher conversion rates and quality installs. Utilizing Custom Product Pages in Apple Search Ads is also a good option to exhibit your app to the right audience with customization according to their search intent to increase the chances of conversions. 

When users perform searches on the App Store, they often have a specific goal or need in mind. By targeting relevant keywords that align with the app’s features, functionality, or purpose, advertisers can position their ads in front of users who are most likely to have a genuine interest in their app. This alignment of user intent and targeted ads significantly increases the chances of driving higher conversion rates and securing quality installs.

By appearing at the top of search results, Apple Search Ads capture users’ attention at a critical moment when they are actively evaluating and comparing various app options. When users see an ad that is relevant to their search, they are more likely to engage with it and explore the app further. This ad placement effectively cuts through the noise and competition, ensuring that the advertisers’ apps receive the visibility they deserve.

Brand-Safe Environment and Apple’s Credibility

Apple’s brand reputation and credibility play a pivotal role in attracting premium customers. Because the App Store is also a highly guarded curated space for apps, each app is reviewed by experts at Apple and developers are expected to follow guidelines before they’re approved to be published. This strong app curation makes the App Store a superior browsing experience. By advertising on Apple Search Ads, advertisers align their brand with Apple’s reputation for quality, security, and innovation. This association can enhance brand perception and instill confidence in potential users, increasing the likelihood of app downloads and long-term engagement.

Summary: How to Make the Most of Apple Search Ads

By seizing the power of Apple Search Ads, app advertisers can overcome the challenges posed by the evolving app advertising landscape, maximize user acquisition efforts, and position their apps for exponential growth. While getting started with ASA has its benefits, it is also recommended to go beyond in-house ASA efforts and associate with an experienced ad partner that can scale and automate your ASA. This can help you to map downstream events around registrations, orders, or transactions for a full funnel tracking. Marketers also get a deeper insight into how the Tap Through Rates (TTRs) would differ for each vertical such as travel, or gaming so that ad dollars can be optimally allocated. 

With an ad partner who has legacy experience in running other performance campaigns across verticals and markets, an AI-driven automated keyword bidding algorithm can help not only grow scale during the crucial holiday sales but also track category conversion data that can give insights that go beyond this time and nurture the high-paying LTV users. 

Want to know how an AI-driven solution to scale your Apple Search Ads can help your growth? Stay tuned as we talk about this in our upcoming blogs! 

If you’d like to experience how Apple Search Ads can be a useful addition to your media mix, get in touch today for a free audit and demo!

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