Success story

Max Fashion achieved 11% higher conversion rate by focusing on localized keywords

maxfashion case study by newton

4x surge

in conversions in the first quarter

2.5x ROAS

achieved in a mere 60 days

11% higher CR

with localized keyword recommendations

Max fashion success story

About Max Fashion

Max Fashion, a global leader in the retail fashion realm, with a strong eCommerce platform and a footprint of over 400 stores worldwide

Category: Shopping


Max Fashion aimed to harness the youth's penchant for fast fashion in the Gulf countries. The goal has been to tap into the premium user base of iOS and drive new user acquisition.


Max Fashion, being a global brand, decided to take a local approach to reach and connect their target audience by incorporating Arabic while engaging with them.

Scale brand reach and visibility with AI-powered multilingual keyword recommendations

The team used keyword recommendation tool to discover new keywords relevant to their brand and category, and identify high intent search terms in local-native language i.e Arabic. Allowing the brand to reach the user at the right time when they are searching for max fashion or relevant categories.

Optimized campaigns with full funnel campaign view

Newton's integrated dashboard, combining App Store Advertising (ASA) with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMP), allowed the team to have one view of campaign performance across the funnel. After setting the target goal as the number of purchases made, the team utilized the dashboard to quickly identify areas of opportunities to improve their goal.

Achieve high RoAS with data-led optimization

With access to unified data at granular keyword level, the team constantly focused on optimizing their spends by identifying high performing keywords and implementing bids recommended to drive higher downloads and higher purchase rates all the while maintaining their overall ad spends.

Max Fashion's journey in the Gulf region is a testament to the power of marrying data-driven insights with local market nuances. With Newton's solutions steering the ship, Max Fashion not only scaled their user base but ensured they were of the highest quality, all the while improving the revenue.


"Newton's multi-lingual keyword-based strategies, intelligent competition insights, and precise keyword recommendations, coupled with a comprehensive view of metrics, empowered us to attain our critical conversion objectives for the campaign while keeping it cost efficient. We are delighted to work with a partner like Newton to help us reach more premium customers."


Sneha Chaudhary
Performance Marketing Manager
Landmark Group

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