Success story

Leading FinTech brand scaled full-funnel growth leveraging Newton’s unified dashboard

fintech cs hero

25.5% boost

in impressions transitioning from Q4 to Q1, a testament to effective keyword targeting and campaign structuring

45% MoM surge

in conversion from app installs to high-quality leads

55% MoM growth

in qualified leads, showcasing the full-funnel growth from impressions to genuine user engagement

About the Brand

India’s leading insurance aggregator is a one stop destination online for all type of life, health, and travel insurance products.

Category: Finance


Capturing attention and conversions in the finance sector requires an astute understanding of user behavior and market dynamics. This meant reaching diverse audiences across different insurance verticals effectively. In the fiercely competitive finance sector, the brand’s goal was to decrease the cost per install on Apple Search Ads, especially during high-demand periods such as year-end and festive seasons.


Multi-Geo and Diverse Portfolio Targeting

Our team helped the brand put a campaign structure in place to reach users in relevant markets across different verticals from car to health insurance.

AI-powered Keyword Recommendations

Using Newton’s keyword recommendations, the team identified a list of high quality and volume keywords, spanning high-intent search phrases, brand-centric, and competitor keywords.

Full-Funnel Campaign View

Having integrated Appsflyer, their MMP partner into Newton, they were able to set target goals as the number of leads generated from the app.

Optimization at scale

With Newton’s full-funnel dashboard view and bid optimization tool, the team expertly managed an extensive list of over 2000 keywords, optimizing their Cost Per Install (CPI). Meaning, they were able to drive more leads at much lower costs.

In a sector where attention spans are fleeting and competition fierce, the brand, with Newton's aid, established a commanding presence. By not just increasing visibility but also ensuring it converted to tangible leads, the app has cemented its status as a forerunner, adeptly navigating the intricate landscape of Apple Search Ads.

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