Maximize ROAS by optimizing campaigns for repeat purchases

With single-click MMP integration, you can track Apple Search Ads campaign performance at keyword level from taps to purchases for your shopping app

ecommerce brands on newton using apple search ads

Grow GMV during new launches and shopping seasons

Reach diverse audience segments using targeted Custom Product Pages tailored to specific product launches and product offerings, thereby improving relevancy and conversion rates.

gmv newton ecommerce

Improve your LTV by acquiring high-intent users

With Newton’s AI-powered keyword recommendation tool, target high intent & high potential keywords in user’s native language maximising your brand’s share of voice and drive higher purchase rates

Reduce CAC with automated campaign optimization

Track full funnel campaign performance in a single dashboard and let Newton optimize campaign automatically based on custom designed rules to drive higher purchase rates

cac newton ecommerce
rank newton ecommerce

Get higher rank in Shopping category with competition intelligence

Identify what’s working and not working at keyword level using data-driven insights captured from search term analysis and competitive intelligence. Maximising the share of voice by implementing recommended bids for high performing keywords

Accelerate premium mobile user acquisition with Apple Search Ads

Power consistent, sustainable ROAS